Copywriter services

Do you want to connect with your customers so they're motivated to buy?  

The greatest challenge in promoting your business is using words that tempt, tantalise and thrill your customers.


It seems easy, because you're a smart, confident, and astute person who knows your business inside and out. But do you know how to tap into the psyche of your potential client to persuade them to take action?


If you spend hours looking at a blank screen, are constantly hitting the delete button or pulling your hair out because the words aren't flowing, it's time to find a persuasive online copywriter.    

So much business writing is full of meaningless blah blah that people skim over and ignore it. 


If they ignore your words, they ignore your business. Can you afford to be ignored? 

I'm a professional and modern copywriter with 20 years' experience. I understand the power of storytelling in making people feel. We're all desperate for connection, so how can you connect with your ideal client? 


Whether it's desire, joy, anger, fear, love, excitement or sadness, I can ellicit the emotions that inspire them to act.

"Fiona, I love this! You have made it sound exactly like I wrote it but better. It's exactly the tone we are aiming for."


Lisa Robertson, Kadina Jewellers  

What freelance content writing services do I provide?

I'm a freelance content writer that provides a range of copywriting services to suit your business's needs.


Whether you need SEO website copy, or words to promote your business, I know how to tap into your customer's mindset to encourage them to buy.


It's about storytelling - using stories to connect with and influence people so they believe in what you do.  


I'll find and tell your story in a way that makes you authentic, attractive and authoritative.    

Website content writer 

Do you need a SEO copywriter who'll have your customers running to buy?  

Marketing copywriter 

Do you need a business copywriter to attract customers to your business?