Small business copywriting services

Do you need catchy copy to promote your business?    

While we live in the modern age of online communication, old school promotion like brochures, advetorials and letters are still effective ways to connect with potential customers. If you get it right. 


Thanks to the immediacy of online promotion, traditional advertising copy needs to be sharper and snappier than ever to cut through.

Do you know how to explain what you do, who you do it for and the benefits of working with you?

Do you know how to promote yourself so you stand out from your competitors


I'm a Brisbane small business copywriter who knows how to identify the features, advantages and benefits of your product or service

I'll work with you to identify your audience, understand their triggers and find what makes you different. 


As a marketing copywriter, I'll show them the value of what you do and why they need you in their lives.



"You have given us a different and fresher perspective, and we really are taking on your ideas, and will be able to implement them as we go further."


Lisa Robertson, Kadina Jewellers  

Small business copywriting packages

I provide a range of small business copywriting packages depending on your need. I provide sales copywriting, marketing copywriting and PR copywriting services. 


My range of services include:

Direct marketing copy

Letters or emails that get prospective clients to take notice of you. 

Brochure copy

Words that describe your product and services and makes them irresistible. 

Point-of-sale copy

Words to convert customers at the final point of purchase.  


Words that make your customers feel so you don't have to shout BUY.

Media release

Make your announcement with a media release tailored to your audience.

Social media plans

Take the stress out of thinking of what to post with a monthly plan.  


Expert proofreading to find and correct any errors in your copy. 



Expert editing to review your words for structure, style and readability.