Website redesign services 

Is your website looking tired and dull? Have your leads dropped off? 

Websites age and date, so why not freshen yours up before the cracks start to show? Just like a new coat of paint adds value to your house, updating your website adds value to your business.


If your website isn't attractive, doesn't function or takes too long to load, people won't use it. This means no leads and no sales. If you've noticed your leads dropping off lately, a tired website could be the cause.


Redesigning your existing website doesn't have to be long, difficult or expensive. Sometimes, it just needs a few simple tweaks to improve the user experience and bring back the sales. 

Quick website improvements can include changing the colours, images and layout. More detailed improvements could include design, re-writing content and improving SEO. 

I'll work with you to review your target audience, business goals and website objectives, to ensure the website design is improved to achieve them.    

"Fiona took the time to get to know my business so she could really help me with my website re-build, through fully understanding who would be using my business and how."

Elena Kirschbaum, Highwire Entertainment

How do you know what the issue is?

Diagnosing your website's problems can be difficult if you don't know what you're looking for. 

Sometimes it's easy to see - conflicting colours, low-quality images or words that don't motivate people. 

Sometimes the problems are hidden - large images, no optimisation or a poor design that impacts usability.

How will I find the issues?

Website review

 Review your website for look, appeal and function. 

Diagnostic testing

Test the loading time and Google ranking of your website. 

Google Analytics

Review your Analytics data to identify user patterns and bounce rates.   


Provide recommendations to meet your goals and budget.  

Is it really worth it?

Have a look at these before and after shots and you decide. 

Highwire Entertainment - Before

Dads' UNI - Before

Highwire Entertainment - After


Dads' UNI - After

"Thank you Fiona for my new and improved website. Just a few little changes in the beginning and it looked so much fresher. You were easy to deal with from start to finish and I highly recommend you."


Melanie Schubert, Celebrant Melanie

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